The quality of our products results from our experiences and the usage of optimal materials in connection with a consistent observance of the quality standards. We guarantee the compliance with the EEC guidelines as well as the FCC standards. Parts from suppliers and construction groups correspond with the standard DIN EN ISO 9000.

If needed, we offer an efficient technical service at low cost of repairs as well as service solutions for the global trade.

Our service can be reached via e-mail at service@dirotec.com.

  our targets
  • best material durability and lifetime
  • high peak load allowances
  • low energy consumption
  • efficient service solutions
Statement of compliance with CE

our measures
  • in-house development of technology, development of soft and hard ware, construction of instruments
  • development of the instrument parts as optimized custom-made products
  • consistent quality assurance in-house and with the suppliers
  • multistage instrument check ups and logging of several hundreds of measurements before delivery
  • integrated supervision through paramter and trend statistics
  • close cooperation with our trade partners worldwide

Statement of compliance with CE

With this, we declare on our sole responsibility that, due to its design and type of construction as well as in the form of the model we put onto the market, this electronic hose levelling instrument nivcomp complies with the relevant and fundamental security and health requirements of the EC directions.

You can download our attestation of conformity with CE in PDF here.

download the pdf