The electronic hose levelling instrument »nivcomp« is the more efficient alternative to the line laser and rotating laser when it comes to operating applications, especially in case of measurements at ground level and in problem areas.
industries   fields of application
exterior measurement applications in floor work   measurement accurate to mm applications without intervisibility

„nivcomp“ is suitable for the application in

  • building contractors
  • floor work companies
  • dry lining companies
  • timber construction companies
  • terracing and window manufacturing companies
  • paving and road construction companies
  • site managers, architects...
  • floor screed work
  • floor work
  • applications without intervisibility
  • check of surface evenness and falling gradient
  • paving works
  • terracing
  • dry lining
  • electrical installation
  • carpentry
  • window manufacture


    for craftsmen, construction management and engineers for specialized companys / other objects
    basicversion with accessories mSD
  levelling for flooring construction   sehr gut sehr gut sehr gut
  level marker / operations around the corner   sehr gut sehr gut sehr gut
  measuring of facings and installations   sehr gut sehr gut sehr gut
  terrace construction, construction of passages   sehr gut sehr gut sehr gut
  level control with referencepoint   begrenzt begrenzt begrenzt
  topographic measurement   begrenzt begrenzt begrenzt
  measuring data record for quantity determination of fillings   sehr gut
  recording and documentation of soil profiles   begrenzt
  levelling and control of suspensions and ditches / extended vertical area   sehr gut
sehr gut very good
begrenzt limited by distances ≤ 50m and vertical area

* automatic positioning unit for level and height markers within larger objects, available in 2011