For the application at a construction site, »nivcomp« offers a range of advantages over traditional levelling.
  • measurements under all areal conditions, on difficult spots, directly on plains and around corners without intervisibility
  • very easy handling by one person (no installation, no tripod)
  • easy and quick level check during works (within a few seconds) with direct indication of deviations in millimetre or inch
  • suitable also for unskilled workers after a short instruction
  • exact measurements irrespective of distance within 48 metres (cascading possible)
  • well readable, even in case of very bright surroundings
  • solid despite hose

messurements on difficult spots
messurements on wet surfaces

over laser levelling

For the professional use, „nivcomp“ offers a notable saving of time in comparison with alternative levelling methods, especially at flexible levelling works and on plains. Since no installation is needed, the instrument is suitable especially for changing measuring positions during work progress and for check measurements.

messurements without intervisibility

Experiential report

You can download an experiential report of the GOECKE GmbH ( in PDF format.

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